"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Steering>> Steering adjustment>> Adjustment of gearing of pair a nut-sector of the steering mechanism
The backlash in gearing of working pair is considered admissible if люфт on the bottom end сошки at position of wheels for movement on a straight line at the adjusted bearings of the screw it is no more, than 0,3 mm. If люфт surpasses this size it is necessary to make adjustment of gearing of pair a nut-sector as operation of the car with excessive люфтом leads to failure of the steering mechanism.
Sequence of operations of check of gearing of pair the following:

Fig. 7.2. The steering mechanism: In — an edge on the top cover; With — risk at a screw end face; 1 — картер; 2 — the screw with a ball nut; 3 — a shaft-sector; 4 — a stopper of a jellied aperture; 5 — adjusting linings; 6 — a nut; 7 — шплинт; 8 — a plug; 9 — a cover; 10 — a wedge; 11 — a sealant of a steering shaft; 12 — карданный a shaft; 13 — a sealing ring; 14 — a lock ring; 15 — an external ring of the bearing of a shaft-sector; 16 — a shaft-sector sealant; 17 — a cover; 18 — сошка; 19 — a lateral cover; 20 — a stopper

- To put wheels in movement position on a straight line and доворотом a steering wheel to combine to risk "With" (fig. 7.2) at an end face of the screw with an edge "In" the top covers 9 (risk "With" should be below);
- To disconnect longitudinal steering draught from сошки;
- Shaking сошку a hand, to define люфт on its end (thus it should not be felt axial люфт the screw). If люфт сошки 0,3 mm there are more, to make adjustment of gearing of pair in a following order:
• to remove the steering mechanism from the car;
• to take out two stoppers 20 on картере around a shaft-sector;
• to disconnect сошку 18, to remove two covers 17 both 19 and a spongy sealant 16 shaft-sectors;
• to straighten бородком лунки on bearings of a shaft-sector 3;
• to make adjustment of gearing of a nut with sector by simultaneous turn of external rings 15 in apertures картера clockwise from outside шлиц on a shaft-sector. At adjustment to exclude possibility of warps of a shaft-sector in external rings (wrong orientation эксцентриситетов bearings).
The moment of turn of the screw on the adjusted mechanism should be 1—1,8 Нм (10—18 кгссм):
- To fix from a procollar shaft-sector bearings, having unbent a fillet on bearings in apertures on картере;
- Repeatedly to check up the moment of turn of the screw and люфт on the end the helmsman сошки;
- To establish two stoppers 20 on картер, a spongy sealant 16 shaft-sectors (having greased it and a shaft-sector under it солидолом), two covers 17 and 19 and сошку 18;
- To establish the steering mechanism on the car;
- To connect longitudinal steering bent for сошке and зашплинтовать a finger.

On new steering mechanisms the moment of turn of the screw is increased (for indemnification extra earnings of details) to 1,80,35 Нм (183,5 кгссм).