"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> the Steering

Fig. 7.1. The Steering: 1 — a steering wheel; 2, 25 — подрулевой the switch; 3 — a lock ring; 4 — a washer; 5 — the bearing; 6 — the plastic plug of the bearing; 7 — the switch (lock) of ignition; 8 — the bottom casing; 9 — a shaft of a steering column; 10 — карданный the hinge; 11 — a wedge; 12 — a nut: 13 — карданный a steering shaft; 14 — a sealant карданного a shaft; 15 — the bearing карданного the hinge; 16 — bearing needles; 17 — a lock ring; 18 — the steering mechanism; 19 — a shaft сошки with gear sector; 20 — a press butterdish карданного the hinge; 21 — a pipe of a steering column; a 22-arm; 23 — the handle of the mechanism of fixing of a steering column; 24 — the top casing; 26 — a nut of fastening of a steering wheel; 27 — a steering wheel overlay; 28 — the screw of a ball nut; 29 — the top cover; 30 — an adjusting lining; 31, 39 — sealing rings; 32 — a ball of a ball nut, 33 — a ball nut; 34 — a nut; 35 — сошка; 36 — a cover; 37 — поролоновое a ring; 38 — a lock ring; 40 — the shaft bearing сошки; 41 — a shaft-sector; 42 — the bearing of the screw of a ball nut; 43 — an arm; 44 — картер; 45 — a stopper of a jellied aperture; 46 — an epiploon; 47 — a protective cover; 48 — a wedge

The car steering consists of an adjustable steering column with shaft and a wheel, the steering mechanism and a steering drive. The design of a steering column (fig. 7.1) allows to change steering wheel position on height and an angle of slope.
The steering mechanism (fig. 7.1), consisting of the screw with a ball nut 33 and a shaft-sector, is mounted in aluminium картере which by means of a special arm fastens to the left longeron of a frame. Transfer number of the steering mechanism — 23,09 (in an average part).
The screw with a ball nut 33 is established in картере on two radially-persistent bearings, which external holders запрессованы in картер and in the top cover of a steering, and internal holders напрессованы on the screw of the steering mechanism. The moment of a procollar of the screw of the steering mechanism is regulated by means of the linings 30 established under a cover of the steering mechanism.
At rotation of the screw balls are rolled on the special channel therefore the ball nut moves. Balls are made with a split-hair accuracy and differ from each other no more, than on 4 microns. The knot of the mechanism consisting of the screw, a ball nut and the complete set of balls, разукомплектованию is not subject. High quality of processing and accuracy of the picked up details provides easy and smooth work of the steering mechanism.
The teeths the nut is in gearing with shaft — sector 41. The shaft сошки rotates on two cylindrical roller bearings which internal holder is the shaft сошки. Shaft consolidation сошки, and also covers of the steering mechanism is carried out with the help резиновыx rings. Fixing of external holders of bearings of a shaft сошки from axial moving is carried out by means of lock rings 38, and from angular moving — with the help керновки external holders in apertures картера, closed by a stopper 5. The screw-ball a nut of the steering mechanism with the help карданного a shaft incorporates to shaft of a steering column. Fastening of plugs of the hinge on shaft is carried out by means of a wedge 48 (fig. 7.1 see).
The steering column fastens four bolts to an arm of pedals of coupling and a brake. The shaft of a steering column rotates on two ball-bearings. Adjustments of bearings of a shaft of a steering column while in service it is not required.
The steering wheel is established on conic шлицах a steering shaft and fixed by a lock washer and a nut.