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"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Steering>> Steering repair>> Assemblage of the steering mechanism
For assemblage it is necessary to make the following:
- To grease with a thin layer of greasing working surfaces of details of the steering mechanism;
- запрессовать against the stop in картер the steering mechanism a holder of the bearing of the screw and to establish sealing rings;
- запрессовать in the top cover a holder of the bearing of the screw, an epiploon and to establish a sealing ring;
- To check up щупом quality запрессовки holders of bearings;
- To establish the screw with a nut and with bearings in картер;
- To establish and fix bolts the top cover of the steering mechanism, having adjusted an inhaling of bearings of the screw (Adjustment of bearings of the screw see). Bolts of the top cover should be tightened the moment 24—36 Нм (2,4—3,6 кгсм);
- To establish in картер a shaft-sector, thus the average tooth of a nut should get to an average hollow of a shaft-sector;
- To establish подсобранные bearings (Adjustment of bearings of the screw of the steering mechanism see);
- To adjust gearing of a shaft-sector with a nut (Adjustment of gearing of pair a nut-sector of the steering mechanism see );
- To make подсборку in sequence, return dismantling;
- To establish the steering mechanism on the car. Bolts of fastening of an arm to the steering mechanism should be tightened the moment 44—62 Нм (4,4—6,2 кгсм), nuts of fastening of an arm to a longeron — the moment 28—36 Нм (2,8—3,6 кгсм);
- To establish a plug карданного a shaft on a shaft of the steering mechanism, to hammer in a wedge into a plug and to tighten its nut the moment 18—25 Нм (1,8—2,5 кгсм). Flat and spring washers to establish under a nut of from outside processed surface on a plug, зашплинтовать a wedge;
- To establish сошку on a shaft-sector of the steering mechanism and to fix its nut, the moment of an inhaling 105—140 Нм (10,5—14 кгсм).