"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Steering>> Steering repair>> Assemblage карданного a steering wheel shaft
For assemblage it is necessary to make the following:
- To grease bearings and крестовину with a thin layer of greasing, to enter thorns крестовины into an ear of one of plugs so that a butterdish it was not closed by a plug cheek;
- With the help оправки запрессовать in a plug кардана at first one bearing, and then the second;
- To establish lock rings;
- To turn карданный a shaft on 1/4 turns and in the same sequence запрессовать and to fix lock rings other two bearings in ears of the second крестовины;
- To grease bearings крестовины through a press butterdish;
- After installation of a wedge of a washer and a nut to establish on the processed surface of a plug. Зашплинтовать wedges;
- To tighten nuts of wedges the moment 12—18 Нм (1,2—1,8 кгсм).
Hinge assemblage карданного a shaft established on a shaft of the steering mechanism is similarly spent.