кронштейн ограничителя напряжений для железобетонных опор оцинкованный цена.
"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Transmission>> The back bridge>> Removal of the bridge from the car
Removal of the bridge from the car is necessary for making in the following sequence:
- To weaken nuts of fastening of back wheels;
- To disconnect карданный a shaft from a flange of a leading gear wheel;
- To disconnect cables of a drive of a lay brake from the equalizer;
- To disconnect a hose of brake system, to remove brake tubes;
- To disconnect the bottom end of a rack of a regulator of brake forces from an arm of the back bridge;
- To substitute an emphasis under forward wheels of the car, to hang out the back bridge and to establish it on the supports providing steady position of the car;
- To turn away a nut of fastening of wheels and to remove wheels;
- To disconnect shock-absorbers;
- To turn away a nut of fastening of step-ladders of springs, to remove step-ladders and stabilizer arms;
- To hang out a back part of the car by means of a crane-beam and to put forward the bridge from under the car.