"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Running gear>> Naves of back wheels>> Adjustment of bearings of naves of back wheels
For adjustment of bearings it is necessary:

Fig. 6.19. A back nave: 1 — an epiploon; 2 — a persistent washer; 3 — the internal bearing; 4 — the external bearing; 5 — an adjusting nut; 6 — a lock washer; 7 — a counternut; 8 — полуось; 9 — a lining; 10 — a nave; 11 — a brake drum

• to lift wheels a jack so that tyres did not concern a support plane. To turn away a nut and to take out полуось 8 (fig. 6.19), to turn on counternut 7, to remove a lock washer 6, having weakened a nut of 5 fastenings of bearings on 1/3—1/2 turns, to check up ease of rotation of a wheel. In case of wheel braking to eliminate the reason of its hard rotation (задевание a drum and brake колодок) and only after that to spend adjustment;
• to tighten a nut of 5 fastenings of bearings a special key with воротком (600 mm) the moment from 70 to 100 Нм (7—10 кгсм). At a nut tightening it is necessary to turn wheels for uniform placing of rollers in bearings;
• to turn away a nut 5 on a corner 22—45 (on 1—2 cuts, no more, on a lock washer 6). To establish a lock washer and to be convinced that the lock pin has entered into a washer cut;
• to tighten a counternut 7 moment 150—200 Нм (15—20 кгсм);
• to check up adjustment. At correct adjustment the wheel should rotate freely, axial люфта should not be;
• to insert полуось 8, to put spring washers and to tighten nuts of hairpins of fastening of a semiaxis. To lower a wheel;
• to check up adjustment of bearings on degree of heating of a nave of a wheel at control run of 8 10 km. Strong heating of a nave (from above 70 With, the hand does not suffer) is inadmissible and should be eliminated repeated adjustment.
Bearings of naves of back wheels are oiled, arriving from картера the back bridge on casings of semiaxes. Therefore after adjustment of bearings it is necessary to check up oil level in картере the back bridge and if necessary oil to add. For filling of a cavity of naves by greasing it is necessary to lift serially right and left wheels on height not less than 300 mm and to hold not less than 6 minutes at temperature of oil and air not less than 15 With.
The sizes of interfaced details of naves of back wheels are resulted in tab. 6.2

Table 6.2. The sizes of interfaced details of naves of back wheels, mm