"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Running gear>> Wheels and tyres>> Installation of tyres
Before installation of tyres it is necessary to check up a condition of rims, tyre covers and chambers. The rim should be the correct form, without dents, cracks and corrosion. Tyre cover boards should be pure, without damages and задиров. The chamber and an internal part of a tyre cover before installation should be powdered talc or cretaceous powder.
Order of installation of the tyre on a wheel the following:
• to establish a tyre cover vertically, a wheel to take so that a wheel disk and consequently, and вентильное an aperture in a rim, have been turned towards a tyre cover;

Fig. 6.15. Initial installation of a rim of a wheel in the tyre

• partially to insert a wheel into a tyre cover so that the tyre cover board was in rim deepening (fig. 6.15 see).

Fig. 6.16. Putting on of a board of the tyre on a rim

• to put a tyre cover with a wheel on a floor a disk upwards and by means of assembly shovels gradually to get a tyre cover board in a wheel rim (fig. 6.16).
It is not necessary to achieve прилегания a tyre cover board to закраине a rim as it is interfered by a ring ledge хамп on a wheel rim. To turn a wheel in a tyre cover so that a label of an easy part of a tyre cover was nearby вентильного disk apertures (the label is executed on боковине tyre covers in the form of a circle in diameter of 5-10 mm, put by an indelible paint);

Fig. 6.17. Installation of the gate of the chamber in a wheel rim

• wringing out the top board of a tyre cover, to establish the chamber gate in an aperture on a rim, and then all chamber in a tyre cover (fig. 6.17). For gate deduction in a rim aperture on it it is necessary to establish the extension piece;
• to place in rim deepening partially top board of the tyre cover which are from an opposite side from the gate, and then by means of assembly shovels to plant all board of a tyre cover on a rim to similarly first board;
• to pump up the tyre. It is supposed to make time increase of pressure of air for landing of boards of the tyre to a wheel rim in the tyre to 5,9 кПа (5,9 kgs/sm 2) with its finishing to norm after landing of boards.