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The damaged wheels, as a rule, are not under repair, and are replaced with the new. Editing of small dents of a flange of a rim in a cold condition without heating is supposed only. After editing it is necessary to check up wheel palpation. Radial and lateral palpation of landing surfaces of a rim on the sites of a profile adjoining to the tyre, should not be more than 2 mm.
Wheels with the developed apertures of fastening, and also with погнутыми disks to operation are not supposed. The worn out apertures of fastening of wheels can be made electric welding, are smoothed out заподлицо with a disk and of 21+1 mm on diameter of an arrangement of 170 mm are developed till the diameter. Internal diameter of a disk — 130+0,2мм.

Fig. 6.18. Kinds of non-uniform deterioration of tyres: 1 — an elevated pressure; 2 — the lowered pressure; 3 — a wrong convergence of wheels; 4 — wrong disorder of wheels; 5 — the raised palpation of a brake drum; 6 — angular fluctuation of forward wheels

The raised and non-uniform deterioration of a protector of tyres, as a rule, is caused by infringement of norms of their operation or abnormal work of knots of a running gear of the car and a steering. On character of deterioration of a protector it is possible to define the reason causing deterioration (fig. 6.18). So, on the tyre 1 the deterioration caused by long driving with an elevated pressure, and on the tyre 2 — with lowered is shown.
Deterioration of the tyre 3 with the characteristic approximated edges on the one hand drawing of a protector and sharp with another is caused by infringement of a convergence of wheels. At rough deviations (10—15 mm) from a recommended convergence of the tyre than 1000 km can be worn out after run less.
The tyre 4 has non-uniform deterioration of a protector owing to disorder infringement. Especially it is shown at the big difference in disorder of the right and left wheels.
Deterioration 5 in the form of one or two "bald heads" appears as a result of the raised palpation of a working surface of a disk or a brake drum. Less strongly pronounced "bald head" can appear as a result of emergency braking on concrete highway.
On the tyre 6 the spotty deterioration appearing at the big angular fluctuations of forward wheels or one wheel concerning an axis шкворня is visible. Principal causes of spotty deterioration of tyres the following: люфт in hinges of steering draughts or in the steering mechanism, faulty work of forward shock-absorbers or one of them, rough infringement of balancing of forward wheels, easing of fastening of levers of a steering trapeze to rotary fists, сошки on a shaft, the steering mechanism to a longeron of a frame and other reasons causing angular fluctuation of wheels.
Ways of repair of the damaged and worn out tyres are well-known and, as a rule, are carried out on шиноремонтных factories.