"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Brake system>> Maintenance service and repair of brake systems>> Brake pedal
The full speed of a pedal of a brake should be not less than 150 mm.

Fig. 8.12. A pedal of working brakes: 1 — the switch of a signal of braking; 2 and 3 — nuts; 4 — a persistent platform of a pedal; 5 — шплинт; 6 — plastic plugs

Adjustment of position of the switch 1 (fig. 8.12) a braking signal is carried out by backlash installation (81) mm between an end face of a carving part of the switch and a persistent platform of 4 pedals by means of nuts 2 and 3.
The free wheeling of a pedal of a brake at serviceable brake system and the idle engine should make 3—5 mm (it is checked by pressing a pedal a hand). The brake pedal should freely, without jammings to turn on an axis and to come back in a starting position. At hard moving it is recommended to grease plastic plugs with 6 graphitic greasing.