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Possible malfunctions of the generator and ways of their elimination
Cause of defect
Way of elimination
At engine work on average turns of the marksman of the index of pressure shows pressure more low 12 In
It is poorly tense приводной a belt
To pull приводной a belt
The pressure regulator, щеточный knot or an excitation winding (at ignition inclusion the control lamp in a combination of devices does not burn) is faulty
To check up serviceability (generator Repair> see <)
Jamming of brushes in channels щеткодержателя
To clear brushes and щеткодержатель of a dust and a dirt
Подгорание, oxidation go deterioration of contact rings of a rotor
To smooth out or pierce contact rings (generator Repair> see <)
Breakage of a winding of excitation
To check up, if necessary to replace (generator Repair>) see <
It is faulty выпрямительный the block
The faulty block to replace (generator Repair>) see <
Breakage or межвитковое short circuit in windings статора or a rotor
Статор or a rotor with the damaged windings to replace (generator Repair>) see <
The pressure index shows pressure above 16 In
The pressure regulator is faulty
To check up a pressure regulator. On the plug <> and <-> the generator to connect the voltmeter on 30 In a class 0,5-1. To start the engine, to establish frequency of rotation of the engine on a tachometre within 1000-1200 mines-1. To include dimensional light to replace the indication of the control voltmeter. Pressure should be in limits 13,5-14,2 In, at temperature of the generator 25+5 S.Esli pressure does not keep within the specified limits, to replace a pressure regulator
The raised noise at generator work
Задевание a rotor for a pole статора
The faulty bearing or the plastic holder of the bearing in a cover to replace (generator Repair>) see <
Easing of coupling screws of covers of the generator
To tighten the screw with the moment 0,5-0,6 кгсм
Jamming of bearings
Faulty bearings to replace (generator Repair>) see <
Seat development under the bearing from outside щеточного knot
If necessary to replace the plastic holder of the bearing (generator Repair> see <)