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Fig. 4.123. The scheme of system of greasing of the engine: 1 — a stopper of a drain aperture oil картера; 2 — oil картер; 3 — the oil pump; 4 — the oil filter; 5 — a cover маслозаливной mouths; 6 — the rod index of level of oil; 7 — the gauge of the index of pressure of oil; 8 — the gauge of a signalling device of emergency pressure of oil; I — to гидронатяжителю chains of a drive of camshafts

System of greasing of the engine (fig. 4.123) — combined: under pressure and разбрызгиванием.
The greasing system includes: oil картер 2, the oil pump 3 with a reception branch pipe with a grid and редукционным the valve, a drive маслонасоса, oil channels in the block, a head of cylinders and in cranked to a shaft, полнопоточный the oil filter 4, the rod index 6 levels of oil, a cover 5 маслозаливной mouths, gauges of pressure of oil 7 and 8.
Oil circulation occurs as follows: the pump sucks in oil from картера and on the channel in the block brings it to полнопоточному to the filter; after the filter oil arrives in the main oil highway and through channels in the block greases radical bearings, bearings of an intermediate shaft, the top bearing of the platen of a drive of the oil pump and is brought to гидронатяжителю chains of the first step of a drive of camshafts. From radical bearings oil through internal channels of a cranked shaft arrives to шатунным to bearings and from them, through apertures in rods, — to piston fingers. From the top bearing of the platen of a drive of the oil pump oil through cross-section drillings and an internal cavity of the platen moves for greasing of the bottom bearing of the platen and a face surface of a conducted gear wheel of a drive. Gear wheels of a drive of the oil pump are greased with an oil stream through the calibrated drilling in diameter of 2 mm in the main oil highway.
For cooling of the piston oil, through an aperture in the top head of a rod, is sprayed on the piston bottom.
From the main oil highway oil through the vertical channel in the block arrives in a head of the block of cylinders for greasing of support of camshafts and is brought to гидронатяжителю chains of the second step of a drive of camshafts, to hydropushers and to gauges of pressure of oil. Following from backlashes and flowing down in картер in a forward part of a head of the block of cylinders, oil gets on chains, boots and asterisks of a drive of camshafts.
Capacity of system of greasing — 6 l. Oil in the engine is filled in through маслозаливную a mouth located on a cover of valves and closed by a cover with a sealing rubber lining. Oil level is supervised on labels П and "About" on a core of the index of level. Oil level should be supported near to a label П, without exceeding it.
The oil pump

Fig. 4.124. The oil pump: 1 — a leading gear wheel; 2 — the case; 3 — the platen; 4 — an axis; 5 — a conducted gear wheel; 6 — a partition; 7 — a reception branch pipe with a grid

The oil pump — шестеренчатого type, is established in oil картера. The pump is attached to the block of cylinders by two bolts and the holder — to a cover of the third radical bearing. Accuracy of installation of the pump is provided with case landing in a block aperture. The case 2 (fig. 4.124) the pump is cast from an aluminium alloy, a gear wheel 7 and 5 have direct teeths, are made from металлокерамики (спеченного металлопорошка). The leading gear wheel 1 is fixed on the platen by 3 pin. On the top end of the platen it is made шестигранное an aperture into which enters шестигранный the platen of a drive of the oil pump. The conducted gear wheel 5 freely rotates on an axis 4, запрессованной in the pump case.
The partition 6 pumps is made of grey pig-iron and together with a reception branch pipe 7 fastens to the pump four bolts. The reception branch pipe is cast from an aluminium alloy, in it is located редукционный the valve. On a reception part of a branch pipe завальцована a grid.
The reduktsionnyj valve

Fig. 4.125. The reduktsionnyj valve: 1 — плунжер; 2 — a spring; 3 — a washer; 4 — шплинт

The reduktsionnyj valve (fig. 4.125) — плунжерного type, is adjusted at factory by installation тарированной springs. To change valve adjustment in operation it is not recommended.
Drive of the oil pump

Fig. 4.126. A drive of the oil pump: 1 — the platen of a drive of the oil pump; 2 — the platen; 3 — a conducted gear wheel; 4 — a lining; 5 — the plug; 6 — a cover; 7 — шпонка; 8 — a leading gear wheel; 9 — an intermediate shaft

The drive of the oil pump is carried out by pair косозубых gear wheels from an intermediate shaft 9 (fig. 4.126).
On intermediate to a shaft with the help шпонки 7 the leading gear wheel 8 is established and fixed фланцевой by a nut. A conducted gear wheel 3 напрессована on the platen 2 rotating in расточках of the block of cylinders. In the top part of a conducted gear wheel запрессована the plug 5 having internal шестигранное an aperture. Into a plug aperture it is inserted шестигранный the platen 1 which bottom end enters in шестигранное an aperture of the platen of the oil pump.
Leading and conducted gear wheels are made of high-strength pig-iron and nitrated.
From above the drive of the oil pump is closed by a cover 6 fixed through a lining by 4 four bolts.
At rotation the conducted gear wheel 3 top face surface nestles on a cover 6.
The filter of clearing of oil

Fig. 4.127. The oil filter: 1 — a spring; 2 — a filtering element перепускного the valve; 3 — перепускной the valve; 4 — the case; 5 — a filtering element; 6 — противодренажный the valve; 7 — a cover; 8, 9 — linings

On the engine not folding oil filter 2101S1012005-NK-2 (fig. 4.127) manufactures ПНТП КОЛАН ("the Super" filter) is established.
The filter works as follows. Oil under pressure through entrance apertures in a cover 7 gets for clearing to a cavity between an external surface of a filtering element 5 and the case 4, passes through filtering element 5, is cleared and gets to system of greasing of the engine. The filter 2101С-1002005-НК-2 excludes possibility of hit of crude oil (unlike filters of a usual design) in greasing system at start-up of the cold engine or at a contamination of a filtering element 5. Clearing and oil giving occurs to the help of a filtering element 2 and перепускного the valve 3.
Vytekanie oils from the filter at the idle engine it is prevented противодренажным by the valve 6.
At impossibility of acquisition of filter "КОЛАН" application of oil filters of foreign manufacture L of 172100 firms "Пуралатор" is supposed in послегарантийный the period; С120, С113, С117, С149 firm "Champion" and filters of a domestic production 2101-1012005 or 2101-1012005-01.
However it is necessary to notice that at start-up of the cold engine or at fire of a filtering element (at use of the specified filters-substitutes) opens перепускной the valve passing in system of greasing of the engine oil.