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Engines UMZ-4215 have a traditional design which long time is issued by Open Company «Volga motors»: the aluminium block of cylinders with the bottom arrangement of a camshaft, штанговый a drive of valves through коромысла, шестеренчатый a camshaft drive, an aluminium head with an exit of inlet and final channels on one party.

Fig. 4.87. An engine Longitudinal section

The basic constructive difference of engines 4215 from engines ZMZ-4025 and ЗМЗ-4026 consists that they have the aluminium block with the filled in thin-walled sleeves from special wearproof pig-iron (ICHG-ZZM). Nominal diameter of sleeves — 100 mm. The piston stroke remains former — 92 mm. The working volume of cylinders of the engine is increased at the expense of increase in diameter of the piston to 2,89 l. The engine longitudinal section is given on fig. 4.87.

* The conventional sign replacing the letter of a variant of a complete set of the engine.