"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> The engine>> Engines ZMZ-4061, ЗМЗ-4063>> Cooling system

Fig. 4.129. The scheme of system of cooling of the engine: I — cooling system one heater; II — system of cooling with two heaters and the electropump (for motor vans with two rows of seats and buses); 1 — drain краник cooling systems; 2 — краник a heater; 3 — the electropump of system of heating; 4 — a radiator of an additional heater; 5 — a heater radiator; 6 — a taking away hose of a radiator of a heater; 7 — an inlet pipe; 8 — the thermostat; 9 — the gauge of a temperature condition of the engine; 10 — the gauge of the index of temperature of a cooling liquid; 11 — the gauge of emergency temperature of a cooling liquid; 12 — a radiator; 13 — a drain stopper of a radiator; 14 — the fan; 15 — the pump of a cooling liquid; 16 — a tee; 17 — a tee stopper

The system of cooling of engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 (fig. 4.129) basically is similar to system of cooling of engines ZMZ-4025,-4026.
Differences the following:
- The heating of an inlet pipe is provided;
- On the thermostat case 9 temperature conditions of the engine and the gauge of a cooling liquid of 11 emergency temperatures are in addition established the gauge.

Fig. 4.130. The pump of a cooling liquid: 1 — a nave; 2 — the case; 3 — a clamp; 4 — an epiploon; 5 — крыльчатка; 6 — a control aperture for an exit of a cooling liquid; 7 — the platen with the bearing

The pump of a cooling liquid (fig. 4.130) — centrifugal type. It is located and fixed on a chain cover. The platen with the bearing 7 is separated from a cooling liquid by a self-tightened epiploon 4 not folding designs in which the cuff and a condensing washer are located. The liquid filtering through an epiploon, does not get to the bearing, and follows outside through a control aperture 6 which periodically should be cleaned. The bearing from moving is kept by a clamp 3 which will turn against the stop and закернен. The bearing is filled with greasing at assemblage, while in service greasing additions it is not required. A nave 1 and крыльчатка 5 напрессованы on the bearing platen.

Fig. 4.131. The scheme of a tension of a belt of a drive of units: And = 15 mm; 1 — a pulley of a cranked shaft; 2 — a tension roller; 3 — a bolt of fastening of a tension roller; 4 — поликлиновой a belt; 5 — a generator pulley; 6 — a bolt of moving of a tension roller; 7 — a pulley of the pump of a cooling liquid

Pump and fan pulley are resulted in rotation together with a generator pulley поликлиновым a belt from a pulley of a cranked shaft. The belt tension is made by change of position of a tension roller (fig. 4.131).
The fan — plastic, шестилопастный, is established on a nave of a pulley of a drive of the pump through the carving plug with the left carving М24u1.