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Fig. 4.90. A drive of valves: 1 — a valve saddle; 2 — the valve; 3 — the directing plug; 4 — a lock ring; 5 — a washer; 6 — a spring; 7 — a cap маслоотражательный; 8 — a cap spring; 9 — a spring plate; 10 — сухарики; 11 — the adjusting screw; 12 — a counternut; 13 — коромысло; 14 — an axis коромысел; 15 — a bar; 16 — a rack; 17 — a head of the block of cylinders

The drive of valves is shown on fig. 4.90. Check and adjustment of thermal backlashes between valves and коромыслами is made on the cold engine at the tightened nuts of fastening of a head of cylinders and nuts of fastening of racks of an axis коромысел. For check and adjustment it is necessary:
- To disconnect ventilation hoses картера, to remove the air filter, to disconnect a rope of a drive throttle заслонок and a hose of a vacuum regulator of the gauge-distributor;
- To uncover коромысел;
- To remove a lattice of facing of a radiator, to disassemble fastening of the top point of fastening of a radiator, to remove the top panel of facing of a radiator and to weaken a tension of a belt of a drive of the fan;

Fig. 4.91. Adjusting labels on a pulley-dempfere of a cranked shaft: 1 — a pin on a cover of distributive gear wheels; 2 — a label for installation ВМТ; 3 — a label for installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition

- To establish the piston of the first cylinder in the top dead point (ВМТ) a compression step, for what a special key on 36 mm from the complete set of the driver's tool to turn a cranked shaft of the engine before position, at which коромысла inlet and final valves will freely rock (valves are closed), and the second label on a pulley-dempfere will be combined with a pin on a cover of distributive gear wheels (fig. 4.91);

The first the label which approaches to a pin-index at rotation of a pulley-dempfera of a cranked shaft is considered. The first label corresponds to a corner of an advancing of ignition 5 , the second — the top dead point.

- To check up with the help щупа backlashes between коромыслами and valves of the first cylinder. At a wrong backlash by means of the adjusting screw to establish a backlash on щупу then, supporting a screw-driver the adjusting screw, to tighten a counternut and to check up correctness of a backlash; turning a cranked shaft on a half-turn, to adjust backlashes of other cylinders according to an order of their work 1-2-4-3. The backlash between коромыслом and the valve on the cold engine (15 20 ) for final valves of the first and fourth cylinders should be 0,30—0,35 mm, and for other valves — 0,35—0,40 mm.