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Fig. 10.18. Стеклоподъемник doors: 1 — the screw; 2 — the handle socket; 3 — a pin; 4 — the handle стеклоподъемника; 5 — the buffer; 6 — the lifting mechanism; 7 — the screw; 8 — a side scene

For moving опускного glasses and its deduction in any position serves стеклоподъемник (fig. 10.18) — тросового type, self-braking, with central directing.
Стеклоподъемник consists of following basic details: cases of a reducer, a cover of the case of the platen of the brake mechanism, a spring of the brake mechanism, a gear wheel small, a cable, a drum, a wheel of a drum, plugs and covers of the cable, directing with rollers, ползуна directing, a side scene stone. For moving has flown down upwards or downwards it is necessary to turn the handle стеклоподъемника in a corresponding direction. Thus the effort from the handle стеклоподъемника will be transferred through the platen to a gear wheel small, and then — on a wheel of a drum and a drum, which moves a cable (reels up and releases a cable) and, hence, ползун a side scene directing with a stone. Distinctive features стеклоподъемника is application of a gear wheel and a wheel from металлокерамики that raises durability of knot; absence of additional adjustments after its installation on a door. Correctly collected стеклоподъемник does not demand in operation of additional service.
For replacement or repair стеклоподъемника work to make in a following order:
— To remove the handle 4 (fig. 10.18 see) стеклоподъемника for what it is necessary to press the socket of 2 handles to an upholstery, to release access to a cylindrical pin 3 and to push out it from the handle;
- To remove the socket of the handle of an internal drive;
- To remove a hand-rail on a door;
- To remove a door upholstery, an antinoise lining and to release assembly hatches;
- To lower glass so that in the assembly hatch it was visible a side scene стеклоподъемника 8, to turn away screws of fastening of a side scene 7;
- To lift hands glass in the top position and to stop it by means of a wooden wedge;
- To turn away screws 1 and fastening nuts стеклоподъемника and to take out стеклоподъемник from a door together with a side scene;
- To replace or repair стеклоподъемник, to establish a side scene 8 and to collect a door in return sequence.
After installation стеклоподъемника at doors and glass joinings пpoвepить eгo work, moving (rotating) the handle in both directions.
For repair стеклоподъемника, replacements of a spring of the brake mechanism it is necessary to turn away 4 screws of fastening of a cover of a reducer and to uncover together with a small gear wheel. Then to remove a small gear wheel from the platen of the brake mechanism and to pay thus attention to installation of a shaft of a gear wheel; to take out the platen of the brake mechanism and the broken spring. To replace a spring and assemblage to make in return sequence; before installation for a spring plentifully to grease a place with greasing ЦИАТИМ-201, LITS or Litol-24. After assemblage to check up work стеклоподъемника handle rotation in both directions.