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Fig. 10.19. Навеска and the cowl lock: 1 — a cowl emphasis; 2 — a bolt of fastening of a loop to a cowl; 3 — a cowl loop; 4 — a bolt of fastening of a loop to a cabin; 5 — a drive of the lock of a cowl; 6 — the plug; 7 — скоба; 8 — an arm; 9 — the cowl lock; 10 — a nut; 11 — a bolt; 12 — a flange; 13 — the probe; 14 — a spring; 15 — a nut; 16 — a washer; 17 — a spring; 18 — a safety lock hook; 19 — a clip; 20 — the plug

For cowl opening on the set corner serve двухзвенные cowl loops (fig. 10.19 see), fixed on a guard передка as bolts and on a cowl — bolts. Loops — unbalanced and consequently for cowl deduction the rigid emphasis serves in open position. Its one end is fixed on a special arm by means of the plug; the second rests against a cowl (enters into a special figured aperture). In the combined bottom position the emphasis is fixed in a special clip.
After opening of the lock of a cowl a cowl lift upwards against the stop on a loop, keep its left hand, and right release an emphasis from a clip, lift upwards, enter into a figured aperture on a cowl and a cowl release. Emphasis folding is made upside-down.
For correct installation of a cowl on backlashes and a surface in relation to wings, facings etc. Adjustments in a horizontal plane on loops, and in vertical — on arms of loops are provided.
Cowl loops — not folding knot. Therefore in case of occurrence of a scratch ("peep") it is necessary to grease the hinge with lubricating oil.
If in the hinge there are considerable axial movings that leads to cowl movings at movement, it is necessary to remove loops and in addition расклепать the hinge or to replace new. For repair of loops it is necessary to remove a cowl, then to release to (turn away) fastening of loops from a guard передка and to remove loops. After loop repair to establish upside-down and to make adjustment of a cowl and the cowl lock.